Burn Permit System

This effective and yet simple and easy to use Burn Permit System as developed by Stellar is a hosted solution helping communities to run and effective Burn Permit solution. The application allows the residents to apply for burning permit and receive permit approval online. Many convenient features are part of this application and are noted as follows:

  • Allows residents to register in the system
  • Simple screen to apply online, pay online to obtain obtaining burning permit
  • Allows residents to activate the permit for a specific day of burn
  • Allows the town user to track the residents applying and receiving burning permits
  • Allows town user to create list of residents preparing to burn based on activation of permit
  • Allows town user to create list of dates and times for burn. Subsequently the software allows town user to adjust the time for burning permit on daily basis
  • Allow town to create list of days and publish in town web site regarding burning allowed. Residents do not have to call Fire Department to find if burning is permitted
  • Convenient repots to track daily transactions
  • Custom reports can be created based on town request at no charge
  • Strong support
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