FOIADirect is an innovative online software product to help municipalities across the country to receive, track and respond to each public records request in compliance with all requirements of local and state mandates. The software application is rich with features and ability to handle complex functions and yet provides a simple way to manage all requests from citizens. Following features among many others are available to effectively perform all required functions by Record Custodians and Record Supervisors.

At a Glance Request Status
Unique view provides an overall perspective of the request starting from receipt of request by departments and showing all routing and assignments and current status.

Assignments to Multiple Departments
Ability to circulate requests to more than one department and allow multiple departments to work on the request at the same time.

Emailing Feature
Generate and send emails for all critical activities.

Auto Warnings
Automated and emailing notification to staff regarding expiry of due date.

Effort Estimate and Cost for Creating Response
Ability to create estimates of effort and send email to requester with request for funds prior to creating response.

Activities History
Create log of critical activities such as routing, adding documents etc.

Document Center
Repository of all documents within the system with search features.

Ability to redact documents capabilities of documents.

Requester Dashboard
Available to requesters for review of status of their request and make online payments.

Strong Reporting
Standard and configurable reports are available. Add reports requested from municipalities at no charge.

Stronger Support
Known for quality and responsive support, the team is behind FOIA-Direct providing dedicated and responsible training and support during all phases of operation.

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