Local Law Component Exam Software for UBE

Touchstone is an innovative online examination software product recently introduced to assist Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners (MBBE). This software allows to conduct an Online Local Law Components examination and grade the results in order to allow petitioners to become eligible to be a member of State Bar Association. This application allows State BBE staff to perform various functions associated with conducting an online examination in compliance with all necessary requirements of the state BBE. Critical features available to carry out the examination are as follows:
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Import Petitioner Registration data
Customized for each state, Custom Data Import process is created and shall import petitioner data from each state’s Content Management System or any other system.

Petitioner registration
Petitioners shall be allowed to register in Touchstone system.

Download MLC Outline
Petitioner shall download MLC exam Outline (instructions)

Local Component Exam
Petitioner will carry out online multiple choice exam with various capabilities.

Pause exam and resume
Exam can be paused and resumed later (Exam Expires after preset hours)

Grading Notification
System informs pass or fail status in real time after exam is submitted. Once passing grade is achieved, petitioner is notified by email. The result will be exported to State BBE system.

Unique Questions Set
Each exam is auto generated for each petitioner with its unique questions set. Each exam is tied to a petitioner. No questions are repeated for repeat exam by the same petitioner.

Grading Notification
Once passing grade is achieved, petitioner is notified by email.

Exam Module
Dashboards feature will allow BBE user to search ALL exams in the system for review.

Questions Management
This application allows Questions Management Committee members to add, edit questions while keeping a history of ALL changes within questions module.

Questions and Categories
Categories are defined in Systems Settings module. This will dictate number of questions per category that will be part of exam set.

Questions edit and history
Each question can be edited activated or otherwise. Historical audit of all changes are maintained.

Petitioner Data
Imported Petitioner data along with related exams data is viewed in dashboard, where data sync is maintained between source data (imported) and target (MLC native data) at all times.

Email feature
Comprehensive email feature is available to notify petitioners at critical stage of transactions. All email history is maintained for system generated emails.

Audit feature
All critical actions are maintained for audit purpose.

Strong Reporting
Standard and configurable reports are available. Additional custom reports from will be added at no charge to the customers. Custom reports are developed based on client request at no charge.

Set Up and Training
Online and instruction based training will be conducted.

Stronger Support
Known for quality and responsive support, the team of Stellar is behind MLC Exam providing dedicated and responsible support during all phases of operation.

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