On Line Marriage License for Massachusetts Cities and Towns

Stellar Marriage License is an innovative software solution that works hand in hand with Massachusetts Laws and Guidelines. During design of the software, emphasis was given towards ease of use of the application. As a result, the product layout and navigation has become the user friendly and appreciated by the user community.
Of the unique features are:

Fill up Marriage Application Remotely
The parties can fill up the Intention forms from home and submit the forms via internet to Town Clerk before travelling to Town Clerk’s office. This allows Town Clerk to review the applications and make adjustments.

Supplementary Form and Worksheet made easy
These forms are made easy for parties with prefilled data.

Print Certificates – Marriage
Certificates printed in a convenient manner for parties. Certificate page is designed in a way that data entry is done with minimum effort. For example, if Marriage Held at Town Hall is selected, then several fields are auto populated.

Historical Data
Facilities are provided for Towns to enter historical data for easy retrieval.

Online Payment
Like other payments, marriage license payments can be integrated with town’s own payment gateway system.

Several high value reports are have been added into the system. Stellar has a longstanding reputation of having meaningful reports adding value to the users. In addition, Stellar will add any report that is requested for the system. There is no additional charge for this service.

Software Maintenance & Support
Stellar understands the fact that any custom built software is only as good as software maintenance and support. Stellar is cognizant of this important element and adheres to the fundamental support principles of client support. Stellar is known and recognized for prompt response and maintaining relationship with client users. In return, clients go out of their way to suggest for improvements to raise the quality of our software products.

COVID-19 – Interaction
The fact that many of the tasks are carried out remotely and away from city/town offices, this workflow reduces the human interaction between Marriage Parties and staff at City/Town. Among other efforts this factor contributes in reduction of infection rate.

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