Public Housing

Stellar is a leading provider of custom IT housing solutions. Over the years, Stellar has worked closely with State Housing Authorities and Housing Finance Agencies to successfully implement end to end web based solutions tailored to the unique needs of their programs. Sophisticated applications developed and maintained by Stellar have been used by these agencies to automate the loan origination process, create special mortgage programs in their communities, establish waiting list programs for Section 8 housing, develop portfolio management systems and various other applications.

Agencies have relied on Stellar as a trusted development partner to automate core business processes. Feature rich dashboards with intelligent workflow capabilities have been developed to trigger common tasks and activities. These tools provide agencies with a centralized source to obtain the most up to date information on an application, supplying activity audit trails and comprehensive reporting capabilities. These features help agencies improve responsiveness to applicants saving time and money.

Stellar also understands the compliance regulations governing State Housing Authorities and Housing Finance Agencies. Working with finance authorities we’ve developed a powerful rules based engine designed to evaluate critical underwriting data for loan processing. We’ve also provided agencies with integration services enabling them to integrate custom web based solutions with existing finance applications.

Sample projects in this area:

Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP)
ONE Program
The Goal for MHPs ONE Program is to of provide 10,000 mortgage loans to first-time homebuyers over the next five years. Since its formation, 26 mortgage lenders have signed onto the Mass Homeownership Compact, and over 1,000 loans have been made to low- and moderate-income first-time homebuyers.

Soft Second Loan Program (eS2)
By 2013 eS2 had helped more than 17,000 families purchase their first home and leveraged more than $2.6 Billion in private mortgage funds.

Portfolio Management Information System (PMIS)

Created to automate the management of MHP’s loan portfolio.

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment
Officials – (NAHRO)MA

Section 8 Waiting List
Used by 91 Housing Authorities throughout Massachusetts

Greater Portland Housing Services Corporation

Centralized Waiting List (CWL) used by communities in
Greater Portland Maine

Used by 5 Housing Authorities in Greater Portland, Maine